Kiteboarding classes are held on one side or the other of Cape Trafalgar, depending on wind direction.

 We develop kiteboarding courses in three sessions, ask us if you want to clarify any doubt:

- Session 1: Kite control on the beach ("Baptism").

- Session 2: Kite control in the water ("Body drag").

- Session 3: Kite and board control in the water ("Waterstart").

 Courses include all required equipment, custom and tailored to the rhythm of each pupil (no experience required).

 If you have your own equipment and it is the correct gear for learning, private lesson price will be reduced to 50 € / 1 hour  -  90 € / 2 hours.

 We collaborate with other kiteboarding schools in Cádiz province, in case conditions in Trafalgar are not right, so you can learn or rent where it suits you.

 Booking in advance is required.


Private individual session

1 pupil with 1 instructor - Duration: 2 hours

120 €


Session with partner

2 pupils with 1 instructor - Duration: 3 hours.

105 € / pupil


Group session

4 pupils with 1 instructor - Duration: 3 hours.

80 € / pupil


Full equipment: 3 hours

Includes: possibility of changing kite size if wind intensity changes

70 €


Parts of the gear: 3 hours

Kite 35 € / surfkite board 25 € / twintip board 20 € / harness, helmet & life vest 15 € / wetsuit 10 €

Ask prices for more than 3 hours!

Contact us using web form or:

- Whatsapp:  0034 616365232 -

- Email: -



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